Announcing: A New Meditation Group


What: Meditation for Everyday Life: Reflection and Connection

Who: Anyone interested in learning to meditate or keep up their awareness practice in a new way

Where: The Integrative Healing Center at 44 Maple Street Florence, MA

When: 6 weeks: Thursday evenings 6-8 pm Starting January 12th- February 16th

How: Suggested Donation: $10-20 per  group. Commitment to the whole six weeks is preferred, as meditations often build on themselves and the group develops together as a support for practice. 6 people maximum so register early by e-mailing

 This is a therapeutic form of meditation in that ALL experiences are welcome. There is no requirement to sustain a rigid body position, follow the breath, or recite a mantra. In this style of sitting, we are interested in what the mind and body naturally do, when not being given a task. Without bringing anything new into the equation, we can truly work with the mind as it usually is. Utilizing memory as an actual practice of caring awareness, folks will be invited to recall and reflect on their sittings, mitigating the often compartmentalized nature of meditative practice.  From this, there is an opportunity to journal and share experiences in a small group setting. This has a rich function and benefit of embodying and integrating, meditative states into relationship and daily life.


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