“Marietta is a gentle guide on the path to healing. She has a deep, lived understanding of the mind-body connection and her somatic, wholistic approach to therapy is profoundly supportive. She helped me during a particularly challenging period when traditional talk therapy just wasn’t working. In just one session, through a combination of energy work and visualization, she helped my body transform something that my mind alone could not. I am grateful and a bit in awe and recommend her with my fullest heart.”

J.H. Nashville, TN

I have watched people literally start to glow in her presence, and I believe this increased vitality is a direct response to the powerful compassion, acceptance, and understanding that Marietta offers. She uses her extensive knowledge of nutrition, mind-body practices, spirituality, and the arts to create a space where body, mind, and spirit can thrive. Marietta is a fountain of inspiration because

she is so passionate about service and personal growth.”

K.P. Northampton, MA

“Marietta is a strong spiritual healer whose intuition and knowledge help and inspire those around her. Using Reiki, chakra healing, awareness and yoga, she brings intention, knowledge and good health. She uses her creativity and personal experience as much as her learned Buddhist and yogic knowledge to support her students’ and clients’ vital and connected lifestyles. With her guidance, stronger lives are formed and ailments are eliminated. My work with Marietta felt like powerful personal growth; and after, I feel deeper in myself, I speak freely, I dance freely… I just feel more free.”

     N. W. Boulder, CO

“After our session, my body was much lighter than before, and amazingly, I felt so fearless. I could let go of the attachments I had carried for a long time.”

         R.T. Hiroshima, Japan

“Working with Marietta was tremendously helpful in understanding myself. Her warmth, knowledge and care, made me feel seen, heard and supported. She is a gift to anyone who needs healing, clarity and guidance in their life.”

 J.B. Lenox, MA

“Marietta exudes enthusiasm in a calm manner. She is kind, genuine, honest and warm, which undoubtedly serve her as a cooperative and gentle leader.

      C.B. Boulder. CO


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