Body Centered Psychotherapy

          Body Centered Psychotherapy is a collaborative process where clients are supported to get to know themselves in a new way. This may mean getting support for navigating a difficult relationship, a transition, or a desire to feel more alive, and connected to oneself and others. We can access greater power when we invite the mind and body to begin to work together. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and distracted by the contents of our mind leading to stress, anxiety, depression, and even dis-ease in the body. By tapping into one’s sensory experience proceeding any thought or behavior, individuals reclaim locked up energy and a grounded sense of choice, from which to engage with life. This comes with more ownership of experience, a sense of clarity of one’s desires, and more energy to act in the world. I work from Buddhist approaches of gentleness and compassion, Gestalt training, energy awareness and an orientation toward the Transpersonal. This form of therapy is immediately effective, leading to a more sustainable experience of self awareness, self love and joy. Feel free to check out the TESTIMONIALS  page to hear what people have said or come in for a session to experience it yourself.


Meditation Teaching and Mentoring

      This is an offering to help individuals begin or continue to meditate. Often we have a desire to slow our minds and the pace of our daily lives. And yet, beginning and maintaining a practice is difficult and requires support. What is meditation? How do I know I am actually meditating? This style of meditation, is a receptive practice that accentuates comfort in the body and openness to all that arrives; thoughts, feelings and body sensations. In this practice, we are not trying to force ourselves to do anything, or stop anything. In the openness, there is room for, and interest in, essential forms of consciousness that lead to high levels of creativity, clarity and a deep and sustainable relaxation that carries over long after meditating.

      Based in the faculty of memory and the process of journaling one’s experience, this is a concrete practice of self compassion and genuine interest. Mentoring, is mind body training to get to a place where there is a natural and inherent desire to take time for oneself. It happens faster than doing it alone. I promise. Students often say, “this is too fun and comfortable to be meditation”. Many people begin with one on one work and then, gain added support in my 6 week Meditation for Everyday Life group. Because I hope to keep the group intimate, it fills up fast, so feel free to contact me with interest to get on the waiting list for the upcoming group.

Transpersonal Energywork

      Transpersonal Energywork is based in the view that we as humans have far more potential that we tend to live from in daily life. We carry in our body and spirit, deep wisdom that can inform our life.  This type of work is a blend of reiki, the Akashic Records and body centered work. Reiki is a simple and natural process of “laying of hands” on or above the body, to encourage the cells to release tension and move towards flow. The Akashic Records are records of intuitive guidance for our individual soul’s journey that can arise as a thought, feeling, or image. In this process, one is fully clothed on the massage table and may come to the session with a question or just be open to what arrives.

Some suggestions for questions may be:

  • What is my greatest block/challenge/fear at this time? What is at the root of it? Where are my resources to resolve it? What lesson am I to learn from this?
  • What talents do I bring to this life and how can I use them to further my growth and better the world? What do I need to know about this? How do I bring this to resolution?
  • What messages do my spiritual guides/assistants want me to know at this time?
  • How can I better take care of myself?

In Transpersonal Energywork, Reiki works in conjunction with the Records, to allow for a rich narrative between mind, body and spirit, to emerge. Along with the reading, I may offer suggestions to help integrate the process or facilitate energy movement after the session. Suggestions may come in the form of meditations, yoga postures, breathing techniques, journaling exercises or dietary recommendations.

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