_Putting myself first was a quiet thing- soft and certain, a gentle rebellion long overdue._S.R.W._I would love to live like a river flows,Carried by the surprise of it's Own Unfolding._JOhn O'Donohue


Window light Baltimore


_Open your hands, if you want to be held._ Rumi


Final lion


love self


ashes and snow






Hold a hand today. Feel their skin and appreciate the lines of their life. Connection heals.


Can you imagine a place where you feel completely at home…?

This can be an ocean or mountain or in the woods.It could be the house you grew up in, your bed, the bathtub…

Allow yourself to go there. Breathe into the soul space. What do you hear? What do you smell? Take note of the air on your skin? Notice how you feel. Share if so inspired.