Clients often come in seeking more from life and their connection to it. Most are awakening to the awareness, that something is ready to change. This can arise from life transition, illness, or a simple change of heart that calls for a new orientation to life. Together, we will help you find your center, a sense of wholeness, your truest self to live from.

     My interest in this work was born out of a dreamy and deep countenance and a curious mind; a sense that there is more in the human experience than modern culture tends to support: something deeper, more expansive, liberating and vital. I sense we as a culture could be happier with our life choices, engaged differently, and more in tune with how we live. I received my Masters at Naropa University in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology. This contemplative, experiential, and embodied education set the tone for a new way to be in the counseling field. This work is unconventional in it’s focus on living from the body, honoring intuition and developing self respect that doesn’t see experience as a problem but as a wise guide toward wholeness. After 3 years of training with a Buddhist monk in meditation and 7 years of embodiment training at Hartford Family Institute, self listening and permission to trust aliveness has become the anchor for my work, both personally and professionally.

      In session, we begin to build awareness to retrain the mind to join with the body to experience life in a new and vibrant way. The cooperation of mind and body relieves the stress, anxiety and shut down that can disconnect us from ourselves. As a therapist, I utilize a natural warmth, and spirited-ness in welcoming you to be exactly where you are. We will be guided by what is of interest to you. Therapy is not meant to be drudgery. Actually, the hope, is that you will leave with new clarity and inspiration for life.

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  1. HI! I came upon you accidentally!! I really enjoyed the Chinese Dancing Couple. I used to dance…Sigh…Anyway! I like what you say in your talks. And wanted to let you know that your mic volume output is very very low. So even when I turn my volume on high, you are still hard for me to hear. Which may be good as it makes me listen more intently! 🙂

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