Clients often come in seeking more from life and their connection to it. Most have experienced a sense of awakening to the awareness, that something is ready to change. This can arise from transition, illness, or a simple change of heart that calls for a new orientation in one’s life. Together, we  can help you find your center, a sense of wholeness, your real self to live from.

       What do you love? What moves you? What do you want out of life? What’s not working? Where is it time to say “No!” These are all questions to ask when you feel stuck. Often, there are complex feelings of overwhelm, confusion and isolation, that block the way to motivation, clarity and desire. With openness and compassion, we can start to be present with these feelings as they naturally are, and begin to come home, to the most vital, creative and alive you.

       I received my Masters at Naropa University in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology. My studies, along with subsequent training in mindfulness and embodiment practices influence my work greatly. In session, we begin to retrain the mind to work with the body to experience life in a new way. The cooperation of mind and body is of great benefit to relieving stress and anxiety that disconnects us from ourselves. As a therapist, I utilize a natural warmth, and spirited-ness in welcoming you to be exactly where you are. We will be guided by what is of interest to you. Therapy is not meant to be drudgery. Actually, the hope, is that you will leave with new clarity and inspiration for life.  



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